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"Whether you know it or not you live by what you believe." ~ Clara Bartow Legg

Are you a woman of faith who wants more?

Do you value worship, religious education and fellowship with others who share in your congregation’s life and ministry, but somehow feel left out, unseen or even marginalized?  Are you beginning to wonder if you are completely alone, that what you thought would last you a lifetime is already fading in the distance?  Do you experience your faith growing beyond the boundaries of your church’s awareness of God?

If any of this feels familiar, you are not alone. 

Many voices over the centuries have called to deepen, redirect and act on our faith in God, our God in whom we live and move and have our being.  Your mentors, the women in your life who have encouraged, challenged and nurtured you, have taught you what it means to be visible, whole and powerful as a woman.

These voices are also our own, reflected back to us in those around us who share our belief that what we desire most to create with our lives, God wants for us even more than we can imagine.  When we pay attention, ask questions and listen for that next right step that is always God moving in us, we know what comes next and we trust ourselves to move forward, no more settling.  When we take full responsibility for creating the life we want, in service with God as Generous Cooperation, there is no stopping us.

Are you ready to claim your own life?  Consider a complimentary Handcraft Your Faith session.  Details to your right.

Do you feel that still small voice in your soul?  Is it telling you that your desire to serve using your gifts and talents is not only possible, but exactly why you’re here in the first place?  Is your church a place for you to express these dreams, a community in which your voice is heard, honored and valued for its wisdom and contribution to God’s greatest good? 

Meet the Rev. Cory L. Kemp. 

You can connect with Cory on:
Twitter: @Communicatelead
Facebook: Cory Kemp
Cory's Blog: Soul Coaxer
Handcraft Your Faith

Are you feeling stuck in a life you don’t recognize?  Can you feel yourself straining to reach out and just miss getting a handle on what you know is out there for you.  Are you ready to - finally - take that one step forward that can transform your entire way of being?

If this is your, "Yes, that's me!" moment, I am honored to be able to offer you the opportunity to take
the next step into your greatest life with a complimentary 45 minute Handcraft Your Faith session.  I am an  email away at:  


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