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Do you feel that still small voice in your soul?  Is it telling you that your desire to serve using your gifts and talents is not only possible, but exactly why you’re here in the first place?  Is your church a place for you to express these dreams, a community in which your voice is heard, honored and valued for its wisdom and contribution to God’s greatest good?

Do you value worship, religious education and fellowship with others who share in your congregation’s life and ministry, but somehow feel left out, unseen or even marginalized?  Are you beginning to wonder if you are completely alone, that what you thought would last you a lifetime is already fading in the distance?  Do you experience your faith growing beyond the boundaries of your church’s awareness of God? If any of this feels familiar, you are not alone.   

Many voices over the centuries have called to deepen, redirect and act on our faith in God, our God in whom we live and move and have our being.  Your mentors, the women in your life who have encouraged, challenged and nurtured you, have taught you what it means to be visible, whole and powerful as a woman.

These voices are also our own, reflected back to us in those around us who share our belief that what we desire most to create with our lives, God wants for us even more than we can imagine.  When we pay attention, ask questions and listen for that next right step that is always God moving in us, we know what comes next and we trust ourselves to move forward, no more settling.  When we take full responsibility for creating the life we want, in service with God as Generous Cooperation, there is no stopping us. 

What do you want for your life?

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Dawn E. Volpe

"I have served as a pastor for 30 years.  I’ve had informal mentoring from other clergy, especially in my younger years, but never had relationship with a coach.  When Cory reached out to me to offer the Handcrafted Faith program, I signed up to try something new.  My goals were to deepen my faith, hone my writing skills and develop the habit of daily reflection and writing.  After completing the Handcrafted Faith program, I found my time with Cory so valuable, that we have continued our work together.

Each time I work with Cory, I gain new insight into my motivations; I have a clearer understanding of my gifts and abilities, and I am more efficient in my work.  I have developed a new habit in daily journaling that I didn’t think was possible.  My work with Cory has enabled me to ‘stand in my own power’.

Although my work with Cory began as a quest to strengthen my professional life, her work has also enhanced my home life.  My husband has observed my increasing calm amid many storms.  As we looked into the financing of Handcrafted Faith, he told me that he would find a way for this to happen because he saw the tremendous support it has given me.

Cory is a rare gift to women professionals.  She is grounded, thoughtful and has a great sense of humor.  She listens deeply, focusing on the important issues, sometimes hidden within layers of conversation.  She challenges, gently prods, praises progress and helps me make delightful discoveries about myself.

Working with her has been my greatest gift to myself.  I hope other women will give themselves the gift of Handcrafted Faith."

The Rev. Dawn E. Volpe serves as Pastor of the Ephraim Moravian Church, Ephraim, Wisconsin.

Maggie Wellert

"I began Handcrafted Faith as a discernment process.  I had retired two years earlier and the plans I made for my retirement ministry didn’t seem to be coming to fruition!  My hope at undertaking the work with Cory Kemp was to develop a ministry/business plan, and focus on how to put my retirement ministry into action.  Was I ever surprised!

I learned that I no longer felt called to the “retirement plan!”  This was pure gift.  As I worked through successive lessons, journaling practices, and conversation with Cory, I realized that God was providing me with the steps to an unplanned retirement, utilizing gifts I had honed in parish ministry to reach a much more varied group of people hungry to learn, explore spirituality, and grow in faith.

Cory is deeply gifted at listening to the client’s heart—not only the words expressed, but also the yearnings, the unspoken pieces, and then reframing it in an “aha!” moment.  Our monthly phone appointments included remarkable conversation, prayer, dream, and focus.

My prayer practices became more clearly defined and more regular in working through the weekly readings of Handcrafted Faith.  There is not only the time I spent reflecting and journaling.  There is also the renewal of my twenty minute contemplative prayer practice,  from which I had drifted away.  Together, the practices have deepened my sense of peace, reminded me of the significance of daily intention, and led me a deeper sense of the presence of God.

I am so grateful that I now have a clear retirement ministry focus, that I am heeding God’s leading rather than my own, and that I developed the flexibility to turn away from a pre-conceived goal and hear a new one.  I encourage you to say yes to the nudge in your heart, leading you toward Handcrafted Faith.  I am grateful that I did!"

The Rev. Maggie Wellert is a retired pastor who continues to serve in teaching ministries in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Handcrafting Your Faith

Are you feeling stuck in a life you don’t recognize?  Can you feel yourself straining to reach out and just miss getting a handle on what you know is out there for you?  Are you ready to - finally - take that one step forward that can transform your entire way of being? If this is your moment, I am honored to be able to offer you the opportunity to take the next step into your greatest life with a complimentary 45 minute Handcraft Your Faith session.  Contact me today for your private consult.