Speaking Engagements

My grandmother’s one sentence legacy defines and directs my life: Whether you know it or not you live by what you believe. 

My mission is to support women of faith, ordained ministers and lay women leaders, who want to serve God, fully knowing and loving themselves as unique, powerful instruments of God’s grace in the world.   My hope is that one day each of us may say out loud,  "I'm grateful I am who I am."

Sharing time with other women on sacred journey through talks, small group discussion and workshop leadership is a particular joy for me.  Gathered below are currently available presentation topics.  Do you have an idea that isn’t offered here?  Please reach out by clicking here and we’ll set up a time to get together and see how I can help you create a beautifully supportive experience with your group.

Handcrafting Your Faith

Wise Women Leadership Counsel

Creating Custom Community


Throughout the year I offer teleclasses and workshops that are a great introduction to what Handcrafted Faith is about.  Please check back often for details. You can also click here to receive email updates on upcoming classes.

Handcrafting Your Faith

Are you feeling stuck in a life you don’t recognize?  Can you feel yourself straining to reach out and just miss getting a handle on what you know is out there for you?  Are you ready to - finally - take that one step forward that can transform your entire way of being? If this is your moment, I am honored to be able to offer you the opportunity to take the next step into your greatest life with a complimentary 45 minute Handcraft Your Faith session.  Contact me today for your private consult.  Just click here.