Handcrafting Faith


The Handcrafted Faith Program is a private telephone coaching intensive in which you will be encouraged and supported to: grow and deepen your faith in God; feel visible and Handcrafted Faith Coaching whole, powerful and present in your gifts and talents; honor your inner voice of truth and wisdom; work consciously with God as knowable and active in your life as full partner.    

 You are a faith-centered woman, you want to create deep, lasting transformation in your life and in the world, the kind that supports and lifts up other women to be in their truth and wisdom. You are smart, well-educated, a leader in your church, maybe in your local community too.     

But, you feel stuck, unsure where to begin or how to move forward. While you may not be willing to say this out loud – to anyone – you feel at a complete loss at even how to approach God for help.  What worked for you in the past no longer gives you what you need; you are frustrated that you can’t achieve the greater good you are trying to accomplish.    

 The result: You keep doing what you’ve always done, feeling more dissatisfied and increasingly less effective in work that used to serve others and bring you joy.  You feel more isolated and alone in your own relationship with the God you love and serve.    

 The Handcrafted Faith Program will support you in: reconnecting with your deeply rich relationship with God; creating reconciliation with your own inner voice of wisdom; stepping back into your power to choose clear direction for yourself; recognizing and trusting God’s support in new ways; designing what you want to bring into the world through your deep, knowing faith in God

Are you a woman who:

•Wants wholeness, allowing all of yourself to be visible, accepted, valued, loved      

•Wants to feel connected to your inner wisdom       

•Wants a strong, loving, enduring relationship with God      

 •Wants to consciously create and experience faith beyond your current boundaries, transforming faith that changes your life and the world.

The Handcrafted Faith Coaching Program is for the woman who:

•Wants to make new, consistent and deep connection with her inner voice of truth and wisdom       

•Wants to feel nurtured and supported in her deepening relationship with God        

•Wants to feel encouraged, revitalized, visible and powerful in her way of looking at the world and what she contributes to it       

•Wants to make a deep, lasting impact with her life and work

Here are some examples of how the Handcrafted Faith Coaching Program can support you:

•Release fear of judgment as you step into generosity       •

•Recognize everything coming into your life as God’s way of supporting you in all that you are and want to become

•Replace not feeling ready to acting with faith in yourself with God  

•Honor the truth of your unique gifts and talents while trusting your inner guidance       

•Decide that being right or wrong is someone else’s problem, not yours

The Handcrafted Faith Coaching Program includes:

•Full program guides and instructional materials      

•Consistent private coaching support       

•Meditation Materials      

•Email support

The Handcrafted Faith Program Modules include:

Module One - In Your New Beginning      

Here I introduce my signature journaling tool to guide you in learning to trust your own inner voice. This is your first step into the true holiness of your own being, on to your hallowed ground.  Here you will create space in your life to honor your choice to experience your relationship with God in a new way.  Creating space for yourself, in your life and home, allows you to consciously claim both spiritual and physical space to bring who you want to be, and what you want to create, into the world.

Module Two - Awareness: Journaling Descriptions      

Now you begin, in a simple, gentle way, to start paying attention to your own life as an observer, from where you stand.  Looking around your world, what do you see?  Who do you see?  Paying attention to the world around you helps support you as you expand your awareness.  This awareness is the pathway for every step you take on this transformational journey.     

Module Three: Meaning: Journaling Memories      

Now, you step through the opening into your sacred past, to see it from a new perspective and exercise this new skill of paying attention to your own life. This skill is the opportunity to revisit past experiences, observing with your expanding awareness. From this you gain historical perspective, an even deeper, clearer awareness of your perceptions, feelings and responses.        

Module Four - Seeking: Journaling Thoughts      

Being clear about the life you create through your thoughts about everything, including God, is a defining point of personal power.  Journaling your thoughts is the adventure of self-knowledge from the inside out. Only you truly know your thoughts: What are they saying to you on the page each day?  What patterns are revealed? Working with this deeply-transformative tool you will be able to consciously ask the most important question of all: What do I want?      

Module Five - Finding: Journaling Feelings      

Your feelings are the door of welcome to your inner voice. Journaling your feelings puts the emphasis on hearing more than what you are thinking. Your feelings are also the language of God, your connection with your soul. Here you will have opportunity to hear your still small voice, recognize its guidance and the wisdom it shares with you, deepening your connection with God      

Module Six - Reconciliation: Journaling Actions      

Knowing the tangible world as sacred space in which God works in, through and among us, unites your power to create as one with God as your Creator.  In journaling your actions, you reveal the world you create from a place of personal power and awareness. In writing from the truth of your own inner voice you establish the experience of an expansive, transformative way of being in your own life.        

Module Seven - Homecoming: Journaling Beliefs      

Your thoughts, feelings and actions reflect your beliefs, and in this skill-based awareness you will know that you have the power to transform your own life and the world.  Writing about beliefs shows you your own self-mastery, all your gifts and talents, making your life visible to you as you work with all that you have learned each day. In this module, writing your beliefs, you will honor your power to choose and to act on those choices to create exactly what you want.     

Module Eight - Benediction: Journaling Faith      

Journaling your faith is a pragmatic way to keep paying attention, asking questions and listening to God as you let your light shine.  God is knowable when you pay attention through this practice of keeping your connection with God consistent and strong.  In working with this module you continue your writing practice and all its benefits. This is the way of faith.      

Cory warmly welcomes you to explore how she can support you in handcrafting your faith.  Please contact her for your private exploratory consult today.  Just click here.