Fellowship: Language Matters

What comes to mind ?

What comes to mind when you think about fellowship?  

What about your heart, what does it tell you? 

In this informative, reflective class, you will have a chance to honor the uniquely beautiful language of fellowship.  

More than a time of post-worship coffee and snacks, fellowship is a warm, generous community gift, particularly enriched and shared through conversation.  

In our time together . . .

In our time together we will:     

 • Settle into how fellowship sets the tone for each congregation, its meetings, programs and mission work.   

• See how fellowship embraces a congregation’s way of talking about itself 

• Reclaim the power and transformation of fellowship as congregational leaders 

Register Now

Please join me this Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 10:00am EST, to remember the joy and power of the language of fellowship.  

Here is the event URL so you can take a look and register for Fellowship: Language Matters.